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Sales post

Most of the same things I've been working on selling, but I added a Luts boy hand and some 18mm eyes.

+ Shipping for most items will be $2.50 flat unless multiple items are purchased.
+ I will ship internationally.
+ All items come from a smoke free environment. I do have cats and a dog, but I will do my best to make sure the clothes are hair free!
+ Paypal preferred.
+ Note: Now that I've started college I will only be able to ship Wednesdays! Sorry for any inconvenience!

+ SD Clothes +
All items are modeled on a CP boy unless otherwise stated.

Pooh & Friends
Modeled on a Luts Delf girl
Price: $8

Mr. Incredible
Modeled on a Luts Delf girl
Price: $8

Blue bow sundress
Fits CP boys and larger girls (too big on CP girls)
Price: $5

Pink polka dot skirt
Fits CP boys and larger girls (too big on CP girls)
Price: $5

Funky flower skirt
Modeled on a CP girl, also fits a CP boy!
Price: $5

Green striped
Price: $8

Green flower and lace
Price: $8

Pink floral
Price: $8

Purple floral
Price: $8

Yellow striped
Price: $8
2 in stock!

Napoleon Dynamite
Price: $7

Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Price: $7

Funky tie dye
Price: $7

Black and white checkered corset
Made for CP boys, may fit similar sizes. Laces up in the back
Price: $3 ON HOLD

Pink strawberry halter top
Made for CP boys, may fit similar sizes
Price: $3

Pink princess dress by dana_scully
Made for a CP boy, but it fits CP girls (model is large bust)
Price: $14

Superhero jacket by dana_scully
Price: $10

Sleeveless shirt with pocket by UnseelieQueen on DoA
Sorry for the cat hair on this, It'll be delinted before shipping >_>
Price: $7

Purple sleevless turtleneck by o01101011
Price: $9 ON HOLD

Red "Christmas" dress (very short) by Akkhima
Fits CP boys and girls!
Price: $7

Black and grey shirt
Price: $9

Pink armwarmer
Price: $3

+ MSD clothes +
Modeled on a MNF B-Line boy body unless stated otherwise!

Nine9 Style tight pants for boy
Fits MNF boys okay, they just have a little trouble sitting down XD. Brand new, worn once.
Price: $12
Proof of ownership: [link]

Stars and skulls MSD
Price: $7 ON HOLD

Blue man group
Price: $5

Green stars MSD
Price: $5

Purple floral MSD
Price: $5

Simple orange
Price: $5

Blue and pink
Price: $5

Simple green long sleeve
Price: $5

Dark blue and yellow
Price: $5

Simple purple
Price: $5

+ Accessories +

SD or MSD clipboard
Price: $3

SD Necklaces

Pink princess crown by onnawufei
Price: $5

Pink flower ball
Price: $3

Pink princess
Some beads may stain! Comes off easily with magic eraser
Price: $3


Broken NS Luts delf boy hand
Only the right hand, I haven't tried to fix it
Price: $3


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